‘Garrison7: The Fallen’ Is Coming To Supanova Gold Coast In A Big Way

Written by Dan Cribb -  April 9, 2019

Garrison7 director and creator Scott Brewer may have been taken aback when a close friend and colleague in the US made a passing comparison of his creation to Star Wars, but as its universe rapidly expands with the addition of a book this June, it’s fast on its way to becoming a global force.

Prior to the release of book one of three, Garrison7: The Fallen – a novelised version of the upcoming action-packed sci-fi drama film of the same name – fans at Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Gold Coast (13-14 April) will have the chance to meet Brewer and co-author Kynan Waterford (author of the System series) and get further insight into the epic saga.

“I want people to look at it and go, ‘That’s a really good story,’” Brewer tells Supanova.

Set in a near-future world and featuring aliens, advanced technology, political upheaval, and the threat of all-out war, the story follows Tom Garrison (played by Brewer), a man searching for his own humanity again after being framed for the murder of his wife by the same people that he swore to protect.

“A lot of people think it’s a big revenge story, but it’s not… it parallels a lot of what’s happening in today’s society and who we are as a people,” Brewer explains.

Brewer praises Waterford’s contributions to the Garrison7 universe, and describes him as an “amazing guy and a really nice bloke”.

“Kynan was the very first person at Supanova to come and get a photo with us at the G7 action figure box, and I did not even realise that until probably two years later. I was going through photos and I went, ‘That’s Kynan!’”

While Waterford’s “been around the tracks” and knows his craft well, Brewer says it’s something else that makes him a great collaborator.

“With him, it’s not about ego; it’s about bringing the story to life… he’s actually helped me become a better writer,” Brewer tells.

“The characters now have even more depth, without being complicated. Kynan is a good sounding board, a hell of a writer and was able to take the script, keep it to its true form and elaborate on it to become even better. We’ve had this conversation, we’re going to be working together for years to come, because we’ve already mapped out the first three [books] and know where the whole thing is going.”

Looking a little further into the future, Brewer has plans to branch out into a children’s version of the story, after the book and its accompanying audio book are released.

“One thing we have had, especially at Supanova, is a lot of people coming up to us and saying, ‘My kids love this – is this going to be available for kids?’ I’ve got two kids of my own and my kids love the characters, so we’re going to be looking at doing a kids’ version. It is a story that will crossover.”

Filming for Garrison7: The Fallen is looking to commence later this year, and while some other writers might have reservations about releasing the script prior to the film, Brewer is approaching it differently.

“The cool thing is, there’s elements in the book that you won’t see in the movie, and there’s elements in the movie that the book will explain, so there’s little Easter eggs that we purposely hid… we want people to explore it and want them to learn more, and we’ve even got a reveal that we’re doing at Supanova.”

There’s going to be A LOT on offer at Supanova Gold Coast, with various costumes, props, spaceships and more to show off, alongside some serious prizes.

One of the scenes in Garrison7: The Fallen will feature Tom Garrison in a skydiving scene, with Gena8 Studios partnering with iFLY Indoor Skydiving to help bring their vision to life.

To celebrate, Gena8 Studios will be running a giveaway for iFLY VR Packages and iFLY Family and Friends Packages. Those wanting to enter will need to register at the Gena8 Studios G7 Stand, which is also where you’ll be able to meet the team and get more information on the upcoming book, film and more.

“We’re actually going to be naming some characters in the book after winners from Supanova,” Brewer reveals. “We figured we have to come up with names for certain people, so we thought we’d give back to the fans and give them a chance to be immortalised in a book.”

That speaks to the core of what Brewer and the team at Gena8 Studios are trying to do with the Garrison7 universe, with Brewer noting: “No matter how big or small it goes, that alone, just the fact it’ll bring a bit of enjoyment to someone’s life, that’s what I want.”